Walter Ahlström Foundation

Born in 1875, Walter Ahlström was the President of A. Ahlström Oy in 1907–1931, a time when the company’s operations were firmly rooted in the forest industry.  Early on, Walter Ahlström understood how important it was to promote research and development in order to improve the competitiveness of Finnish industry. To support the further education of young engineers, in 1926, he established the Walter Ahlström Foundation.

Each year, the Foundation awards scholarships to deserving young researchers in the fields of wood processing, electrical engineering, energy and metal industry. To be eligible, applicants must hold an academic degree and be 35 or younger. In addition, an applicant must possess a Finnish personal identity code.

In recent years, the Foundation has mainly provided incentive grants to support those working on their doctoral theses. With financial support from the Foundation, researchers can travel to international research conferences and visit international research institutions. The Foundation also takes part in the Researchers Abroad programme.


If you would like to make a donation or leave a gift in your will, please contact the Foundation’s representative. A donation is a great way to help distinguished researchers bring innovation to wood processing, electrical engineering, metal industries and the energy sector. All donated funds become part of the Foundation’s investment assets, which the Foundation manages in accordance with its rules and investment guidelines.

The money from donations is used to support science and research in accordance with the Foundation’s rules. Donors can express preferences regarding which disciplines will benefit from the allocation of donated funds. The Foundation’s Board of Directors will make decisions regarding individual grants.